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I have only been reading education blogs for the last year or so, but there is no question that it has been the single greatest influence on my teaching practice of all professional development experiences I have had.  I was struck by the idea of a PLN (Personal Learning Network) the moment I read about it and I have been using Twitter and the eduBlogospere for my personal learning ever since.  Creating my own PLN has enabled me to get professional development when I want it, on topics that I find most interesting – it doesnt get more personal than that!

There have been many bloggers who have inspired me to begin writing my own blog.  Recently, Dan Meyer posted a blog encouraging other teachers to “take up the torch” so to speak, and start blogging.  It was the push I needed.

The name “ideaconnect” comes from a theme that I have been using for my online work for some time now.  My class webpage is “classconnect.ca”, and I have developed Ning networks for my students with the titles  “scienceconnect” and “physicsconnect”.

For me, the best use of the internet in education is to enable students to “make connections” in ways that were not possible before.  These connections could include social/learning connections between students in my classes, or connections with people far outside the walls of my classroom. In Science education specifically, students are required to make connections between the Science curriculum and elements of Technology, Society and the Environment.  The internet and web 2.0 tools have brought those elements into my classroom in new and exciting ways.  I look forward to reflecting on the many of ways technology is opening up my classroom.

I want to use this blog to help me explore my thinking.  As a new blogger, I am fully intimidated and excited by the process of putting my thoughts up for public dialogue.  I have many ideas and opinions about education and technology, some of which I have thought long and hard about, and others that are transient and undefined.  It is likely that I will post opinions which are not yet fully formed and I reserve the right to change my position at any time.  It is my hope that the process of putting ideas down on paper and engaging with the comments on this blog will help me to grow and learn in new and exciting ways.  I suppose that’s all we can ever hope to truly achieve from any of our endeavours.

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  1. Hi Graham, glad to hear that reading blogs has been such an influence on your teaching practices. It took me a long time from reading blogs to writing my own posts.

    This is a very popular theme. However it does have two options. This current option is a custom homepage. If you want the posts to display on the homepage you need to change to blog homepage (Appearance > Theme Options on top left hand side).

    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help with this theme as it is a bit harder than some of the standard themes.

    Best of luck with your blogging.


  2. Hi Graham!

    Congrats on starting your blog. It is a fantastic way to reflect on our pratice and to write about things that matter to you! I know that you have many ideas to contribute so I look forward to reading your blogs!

    Mirjan Krstovic, OCT


  3. congratulations on taking the blogging leap. i’m looking forward to following your journey through the world of educational ideas. (i feel like a student again. feels good)


  4. Andrew MacDonald January 12, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    There! all set with the ideaconnect rss right on the top of my google homepage!
    I was glad to read that you feel like reading technology&education blogs has been of primary importance to your personal development. I have been building my google homepage into a mashup of active blogs – a few about science news, but mostly about being productive and efficient in business or academic life. I feel really encouraged to know that following blogs about a subject you are passionate about can be effective.

    I know that blog posting can become difficult, as all kind of writing can. I found that knowing people were reading – and sometimes commenting! – made me feel accountable and motivated. So I’ll follow your posts!

    I like how technology can help me do science, and you’re interested in how it helps you teach science — oh this will be great fun!


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