My Intro Day Presentation

Over the past 5 years I have been modifying my “intro day presentation” every semester.  I like where mine is right now, though I am sure it will continue to develop as a change and grow in this profession.  Seeing as second semester is about to start, I have been tweaking my presentation once again.

Generally, the presentation covers the following topics:

1.  About Me

  • My approach to education
  • What I am involved in at the school
  • My interests outside of teaching

2.  Developing a Classroom Community

  • Working together effectively
  • Individual contribution to the group

3.  Classroom Structure

  • Expectations, Rules and Procedures
  • “Learning Environments” (inside and outside the classroom)

4.  Hidden Curriculum

  • The skills that students develop as a result of being part of this class

    Throughout the presentation, I probably use the phrase “learning community” about 100 times; it really is the most central aspect of how I try to establish a climate for learning.

    The presentation usually takes 2-3 days to present in its entirety.  I don’t believe it is wise to overload the student too much on the first day because what I have to say sets the tone for the rest of the semester.  Usually my first few classes involve delivering part of the presentation and allowing the students to become comfortable with each other through some of my favourite ice-breaker activities and name games.

    I transferred my Intro Day Presentation to an online presentation tool called Prezi (which is worth checking out.)  I really like the software because it gives the students a better sense of the big picture I am striving to convey.

    I would love to hear more about how all of you set up your classes in the first few days.  What is your “tone”?  What activities do you do?  What is central to your “intro day presentation”?

    Please comment!

    This Prezi is best viewed in full screen.  Click the play button and then click with your mouse to move through it.

    If you’re reading this through RSS, the Prezi wont show, so here is the direct link:

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    I Am a Community Organizer


    1. Thanks for showing me this today G!. I really like like it! Just amazing presentation. I wish I am doing something like this tomorrow, but I am not…maybe I will do it next year…just haven’t had the time.

      I am going to have my kids sitting in a community circle tomorrow or in groups of 3 -4 (I am going to feed of their energy to see if it’s going to be a or groups). The idea is to set the “community” tone right away so that they know I mean business when I say that I value community and working together (much like what you will be covering in your second point on your slide show tomorrow).

      Would love to hear how the kids responded to Prezi presentation.
      Good luck!



    2. Oh btw: I think you should share this with the rest of the dept…they would love it and may think about adopting a similar sytle…at least they would get different ideas, right.


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